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Tones And I Net Worth: Tones And I is an Australian indie-pop singer, and songwriter from Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, who has a net worth of $4 million as of 2023. Tones rose to fame after releasing her breakout single, “Dance Monkey” in the year 2019. That song has been streamed over a billion times by Australian singer, Tones and I.

And yet, at the time she released it, Tones was still so new to the music industry that even though her song was charting number one across the world, she barely understood what a music chart was!

This lack of familiarity in regards to the industry only makes what Tone managed to accomplish all the more remarkable. A self-taught producer, this young woman began tinkering with music while working retail and living in Melbourne.

She managed to find her niche by combining piano melodies with electronic beats, something she was inspired to explore after hearing the work of Macklemore. Following the success of her single, Tones continued to release more hit singles and came up as one of the most prominent singers in Australia. 

The song Dance Monkey became such a massive success reaching #1 in more than 30 different counties as well as earning 10× platinum by ARIA. After winning 4 ARIA Music Awards and 8 nominations, Tones became the most-awarded artist in the world of music. 

Tones And I Net Worth 2023:

Name Tones and I
Net Worth $4 Million
Date Of Birth 2000
Annual Income $250 Thousand
Profession Singer, Songwriter
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Leo

Early Life:

Tones And I was born Toni Watson in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia on August 15, 2000. Her age is something of a question mark, when she first arrived in the spotlight in 2019 it was said that she is just 19 years old. Since then its come to light that she is probably a little bit older than that and was born in 1993 as opposed to 2000. 

While growing up Tones’ greatest passion was basketball and she played it every year from the time she was just 4 years old. Growing up she spent all of her energy competing and progressively higher levels. 

While struggling to make it out of her difficult childhood, Tones developed a second passion for music. It happened while she was around 7 years old and her extended family was having to get together at a local park with all of her cousins.

That was when she and her cousins began singing a song and her aunt recognized that out of all of them, Tones was the one who had a passion for music. But with such a lackluster support system in place Tones had to rely on herself on how to sing. 

Early Career:

From that point forward, Tones became self-taught and tracked much of her own progress by posting Acapella versions of popular singles on her YouTube channel starting around 2009. Then during high school, she learned how to play the keyboard and from there she graduated with a drum pad in sound effects. 

Afterward, she started working retail at a clothing store where she stayed for a couple of years until she decided to take two weeks off to pursue her musical dreams. She saved some money from her jobs and bought herself an RC 300 Loop Station. 

Then Tones left her home and traveled to Melbourne where she began performing at small-time gigs and festivals. Other times she had taken trips to the beachside town of Byron Bay where she’d busk her for passing crowds. On her very first night of busking, a music lawyer offered her his card along with some support and advice. 

A month later she quit her job outright and drove back to Byron and gave the lawyer a call and he helped her get picked up by a management company. For the next year Tones mostly lived out of her van while performing on the city streets and honing her craft. 

Tones And I Career, Earnings, Biography


In February 2019, Tones sent the song that she had written titled “Johnny Run Away to Triple J’s website, Unearthed, which is a radio station project for newcomers. That track told the story of hers coming out as gay to his father, it got played on the radio station the same day that Tones sent it in. 

By March of that year, it had hit number 12 on the Australian Charts. That became the turning point of her career and she got motivated even more to pursue her music career. 

After establishing herself as a presence on Australia’s alternative stations’ Tones eventually signed a deal with Sony-affiliated Bad Batch Records.

Under the deal, Tones came up with the release of her breakthrough single titled Dance Monkey in May of 2019. The single first gained popularity during her live shows but then it began to take off on streaming platforms like Shazam and Spotify.

Within a short period, the song went viral and it got so fast that it set an Australian record for the amount of time spent at number one, topping the charts in over 30 countries around the world. 

As for Tones, she barely even knew what a music chart was and stated that “I never knew there were music charts before I dropped my music online, I never looked at charts or anything”.

Soon enough the song was dethroning Camila Cabello’s Havana as the most streamed song by a lead popular artist on Spotify with more than 1.5 billion streams. 

Further Releases:

On August 30, 2019, Tones released her 6-track debut EP called The Kids Are Coming which went certified platinum. Following this, Tones came up with the release of her debut album titled Welcome to the Madhouse on July 16, 2021.

It became a massive hit and immediately shot to the number-one spot in Australia. While this latest accomplishment left her feeling extremely proud, she’s less enthused when it comes to the most infamous hit Dance Monkey.

During one of her interviews, she admitted that the popularity of the song painted her into a corner and while she still feels the track is great, she simply doesn’t want to go there. 

During another interview, Tones revealed that she plans on retiring from performing altogether, sometime in the next four years. But before that did happen, Tones did have the opportunity to work with one of her musical icons, the American rapper Macklemore on his new single Single Chan. 

Tones And I Net Worth:

As of 2022, Tones And I Net Worth is estimated to be around $4 million. She is one of the rising singers in the music world and has garnered a lot of fame in a short time. 

From busking in the city streets only three short years ago to becoming her home country’s most popular singer, it’s been an unbelievable rapid rise to fame for Tones And I. The singer gained worldwide recognition with the release of her hit single Dance Monkey

The majority of her income comes from the music industry such as album sales, live concerts, EPs, hit singles, as well as collaborations with other artists. At the ARIA Music Awards of 2019, Tones And I became the most-awarded artist after winning 4 awards and 8 nominations. 

Apart from all that, Tones also garnered a lot of fame with her debut album Welcome to the Madhouse which was released in July of 2021. She later dropped the album’s lead single titled Fly Away which went viral peaking at number 4, number 11, and number 10, in Australia, the UK, and Denmark, respectively.

Tones And I also has her self-titled YouTube channel where she has more than 5.27 million subscribers. She uploads her music videos on that channel and her hit single Dance Money amassed over 1.8 billion views on YouTube. 

People Also Ask for FAQs

Example Site – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the age of Tones And I?

Tones And I was born in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia in 2000, she is 22 years old.

How much does Tones And I make?

Tones And I is earning over $400 thousand in a year.

How much is the net worth of Tones And I?

As of 2023, Tones And I Net Worth is roughly $4 million.

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