Things to Say to Your Cheating Husband – 10 Questions for Him

Yes, we know that it hurts as hell when you put your 100% love and efforts to develop an unbreakable bond with your husband but that man comes out to be a cheater! No one can ignore, or let alone move on, from these terrible feelings of being cheated upon but still, there are some things, which if you say, could compensate for your loss.

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Yeah, the word compensate might not be the right word here since compensation for infidelity in any romantic relationship, let alone in marriage, is nearly impossible. But still, most women get confused about whether they should live or stay. Even if you are not confused about your decision, you’ll find it super difficult to confront the cheater.

But avoiding the confrontation or leaving him without saying a word is not a solution. If you won’t confront him, he’ll keep cheating you with the same shamelessness and confidence. On the other hand, if you leave without saying anything, you’ll get mad by the second thoughts, with no closure.


So that’s why today we are going to disclose some questions that you must ask your cheating husband. These questions won’t only help you make a better decision but also give you enough confidence to stick to it. Take a deep breath and dive into the article so you can fish out with a clear head.

How to confront your cheating husband?

Before we move to things you should say to your cheating husband, let’s start with the very first step of confrontation. There’s no doubt that you hold all the right to shout or be angry but it’s also true that sometimes, a way too childish or emotional attitude might turn the situation out of your favor.

We know the anger boiling down in your veins and the heartbreak you are suffering from but shouting at your husband is not going to lessen the pain or improve the situation by any means. So, act maturely. We are not saying that you shouldn’t express your pain and feelings. All we are trying to say is to learn to express them gracefully.

Even if you don’t dare to live with this man anymore, make your exit graceful so he can realize what a lady he just has lost, out of his absurd choices. Sit with your husband and share how you find out about his infidelity. Then wait for him to answer or justify his actions. Although there could never be any justification for giving the love you deserve, to someone else, you still should be patient enough to hear him out. Why?

Because doing so will help you realize what kind of person he is. And this, in turn, will help you decide whether he deserves a second chance or not. If he confesses to his actions shamelessly and seems super calm about it, there’s no need to think twice about leaving him with his sick mentality.

But before you stand up from the chair, don’t forget to vent the terrible thoughts and soul-shattering pain you are feeling now. You are not doing this for him or to make him realize what an unworthy person he is. Instead, you need to do this for yourself because repressing your anger and other emotions will do more harm than good.

Lastly, to permanently close this sickest chapter of your married life, you need to ask him some questions as follows;

Things to Say to Your Cheating Husband – 10 Questions for Him

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1. What reasoning did you give to yourself when you started cheating on me?

The answer to this question will help you identify the fields where you were lacking. Some men claim that they started cheating on their partners when they felt neglected or unloved. Although this reasoning is not sufficient to justify infidelity, you’ll at least have an idea whether they are going to answer your next questions correctly or are more interested in playing blame games.

2. Is this the only extramarital affair you have?

This is another important question you should ask on finding your husband infidel since it will make the situation clearer. For example, if your partner confesses that he had more than one extramarital affair, it means he has purposely preferred other women over you, at various times. This, in turn, will help you understand whether your partner could actually be remorseful about his actions or not.

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3. Didn’t you think about me, let alone our love?

Was that you or the woman, he was shagging behind your back, in his mind during the affair. Did he enjoy this extramarital affair more than his married life? Did he find her love more comforting than yours? These questions will help you figure out whether he could be willing to mend his mistakes or not.

4. Which of her qualities do you find more appealing than our relationship?

Infidelity is a big deal especially when it happens in wedlock. So, ask him about the things which make infidelity fancy in his eyes. What did she offer him to make cheating worth it? What sort of love and support were you not providing him? If he has any answer or anything to say in his favor, know that he’s not going to stop ever!

5. How long have you been cheating on me?

This answer will save you from second-guessing. It doesn’t matter what reasons he provided you for his infidelity, you can better figure the actual reason out by knowing the answer to this question.

6. Are you seriously into her?

At the end of the day, what matters most is the feelings we have for each other. If your partner has done this terrible thing mistakenly, in the form of a one-night stand, it means there’s still hope to mend everything. Also, it shows that he’s regretting the thing he has done to you.

7. What do you want now?

Hey, by asking this, you are not submitting yourself to his infidelity. The purpose of asking this question is only to understand where your partner is standing, by heart. Does he want to choose her over you? Does he want to stay with you and make up for his mistakes?

8. Were you feeling guilty when you slept with her for the very first time?

If he didn’t feel guilty after the first time he slept with her, it means he didn’t ever feel guilty about cheating on you. It shows how important or worthwhile he considers you. Also, it shows how serious his feelings are toward you and her.

9. Why should I not end things with you now?

In case your husband is begging for a second chance, ask him why you should trust him again. Is he willing to make up for the damage he has done? Would he have enough stamina and energy to tolerate you when you’d be healing? Would his love for you be enough to stop him from doing such a thing again?

10. Did you make plans with her?

Lastly, ask whether he used to make future plans with her or not. These plans should not necessarily be about getting married or making babies but could be as small as going on vacations or sharing the same living space.

If your spouse has been making any sort of plans with her, it means he didn’t only give the other woman his body but also his mind – or maybe a piece of his heart too.

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