Experts Reveal the 10 Signs that He’s Cheating On You

He’s spending more time on facetime with his new friends. He gets panicked when his phone rings around you. He sneaks out of the bedroom, at midnight, to take calls. He prefers spending more of his time outside the house. If you’ve seen him doing any of these things, we already know what you are suspecting; he might be cheating on you!

Couple cheating on each other

But hey, instead of confronting or accusing him directly, you better get sure about it otherwise, you’d make yourself and your relationship land into hot waters. Experts say that cheaters are super smart and they can do everything, in their power, to hide their infidelity. But still, if you are smart enough, you can figure out whether your partner is cheating on you or not.

Here we are going to discuss the top ten signs that your spouse or boyfriend is playing infidelity games with you. All you need to do is to pick up the breadcrumbs to expose what your man is trying to hide behind the curtains.

He doesn’t introduce you as his girl

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Whenever you go out to a social gathering, your boyfriend pretends to be strange and distant. He doesn’t own you as his girlfriend in front of his family, friends, and even social media friends. He doesn’t want to acknowledge you to any person who matters to him because he doesn’t want to hang the label of taken on him.

Especially when it comes to social media platforms, he doesn’t post your pictures, let alone change his relationship status to committed or in a relationship. All these things show that he’s not looking for a future with you. Also, even while being with you, he doesn’t want to miss any flirting possibilities with other girls.

He’s a constant late reply

Couple not talking to each other

Things like these might sound slightly emotional but the time he takes to reply to your texts and calls means a lot. Of course, he can’t reply to you instantly as he gets life, besides you, too but still, if such an attitude is a routine, you should consider it a red flag.

Remember girl! A man who genuinely feels something for you will make time, not only to go on dates with you but for all the small, meaningless things too – one of those things includes replying to your texts as fast as possible so you won’t have to wait. If he’s normally a fast replier, then congrats!

You’ve got a keeper who considers you his priority. In contrast to this, if he gets back to you and your texts after finishing all of his life chores, you should try to find out who’s standing higher, on his priority list, than you.

His Mood changes instantly

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Many cheaters have confirmed that they used to start a fight way too instantly or get overly sweet for no reason at all. Why? Because they want to leave for their other dates. Since he needs to have a reason to get away from you, he’d either get angry at a baseless thing or become overly sweet so you’d allow him to finish his work.

In both cases, women usually don’t ask where the guy is going since they are busy either crying in another fight or daydreaming about a bright, romantic future. So, don’t be an emotional fool and focus on his mood swings. Yeah, mood swings are acceptable when they happen at once in a blue moon. But if he has a habit of behaving like this all the time, odds are high that he might be a cheater.

They make sudden plans

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Wait, making sudden plans is not a thing that always indicates infidelity but if it’s a thing your partner does constantly, he might have someone else to sneak out with. Besides planning vacations or formal dinners, he might have an unpredictable schedule. And even on being asked he doesn’t give any satisfying answer to where he has been or will be.

They have an inconsistent sex drive

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When you are with someone with all your heart, you want to stay connected to him, not only emotionally or mentally but also physically. This becomes even truer when it comes to the later days of a relationship.

So, if your partner has decreased the sex frequency, it means his needs are being fulfilled by someone else. However, some experts also suggest that cheaters, sometimes, increase their sex frequency to cover their decisiveness. So, you better consider both extremes as red flags.

They develop more defensive behavior

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All the Cheaters share the common habit of becoming more defensive when you ask them about sudden changes in their routines or habits. For example, on being asked about why they don’t compliment you as often as before, they usually begin to shout or complain about your inability to understand them, instead of acting gently and maturely.

When such questions are being asked to a cheater, the kind of answers you mostly get to hear is, why does this question matter? Can’t you see I’m busy with my stuff?

They suddenly begin to drop random texts

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Random texts stating loving compliments can, undoubtedly, make your day but remember that they are only sweet when such a thing is happening from the very first day.

If your partner didn’t have a habit of dropping messages randomly or keeping you posted about his day or routine, it means there’s a problem there. This strange, unusual behavior might be a result of his efforts to hide his evilness or keep a check on you about whether you’re becoming doubtful or not.

He doesn’t crave your attention anymore

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Every couple has some issues which keep on rising to the surface on and off. One of those issues is lack of attention. Almost every man wants to be treated like a child and that’s the very reason why he fights or argues for that sometimes. However, if he suddenly has stopped asking for your attention, time, effort, or let alone commitment, it means he’s no more interested to get it. Why? Because he, more probably, has set his eyes somewhere else.

He takes his phone everywhere with him

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Since his phone holds all the proof of his infidelity, he can’t take the risk of leaving it alone, especially somewhere around you. For this reason, wherever he goes, he takes his phone with him, even in the restroom.

However, it’s also true that some people are insanely hooked on phones and have a habit of keeping them along. So, if your partner is a phone addict from the very first day, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s cheating on you. However, if he has recently developed such a habit, you need to stay alert.

He pays more attention to his appearance

Last but not the least, your partner has begun to focus more on his appearance so he could look better. This self-care could show up in any form. For example, he might have joined the gym or started investing more in his clothes and hairstyles.

Such an instant self-care attack could indeed be a result of his desire to look more appealing around you but most of the time, these are the cheaters who worry more about their looks.

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