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Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth and Income: Miranda Cosgrove is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles, California, who has a net worth of $10 million as of 2023. Cosgrove was just 7 years old when she started her professional acting career and began appearing in television commercials.

Over time she established herself as the highest-paid child actress on the planet. The actress is mainly known for her outstanding work in the television industry including comedy-drama productions, hosting, and TV commercials.

In 2003 she made her acting debut in the comedy film School of Rock directed by Richard Linklater. In this movie, she played the role of Summer Hathaway alongside many other cast members. Since then she has found success in a bunch of film and TV projects.

Cosgrove rose to fame in 2007 when she landed a role as Carly Shay in the Nickelodeon teen sitcom titled iCarly. Her immense performance in the series led her to win numerous awards and accolades. 

Miranda Cosgrove will always be Carly Shay from her hit television series, “iCarly”. It’s simply impossible for fans of that series to separate her from this iconic character that grew up alongside them during their most formative years.

Considering Miranda made Millions from her original run on the series. But besides being about to return to the role that made her famous, what else has Miranda been up to since she quit the series? 

Miranda made a name for herself in the music industry and has released several hit tracks, records, and EPs which led her to Columbia Records

After transitioning to adult roles, Cosgrove has found success in a range of film and television projects. Outside of acting, Miranda Cosgrove is also a talented musician who has released a number of singles, albums, and extended plays.

In 2022 Forbes included Miranda Cosgrove on their magazine’s “30 Under 30” list

Miranda also gained further recognition for her work in a couple of Nickelodeon’s projects such as Zoey 101, The Naked Brothers Band Just Jordan, and Unfabulous.

Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth 2023:

Name Miranda Cosgrove
Net Worth $10 Million
Age 29 years old
Date Of Birth May 14, 1993
Salary $180,000 per episode
Profession American Actress,
Singer, Songwriter
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Taurus

Early Life:

Miranda Taylor Cosgrove was born on the 14th of May 1993 in Los Angeles, California. Her father Tom Cosgrove had a dry cleaning business while her mother Chris is a homemaker.

Growing up in a working-class family Miranda developed an interest in the field of acting from an early age. She was just 3 years old when Miranda was first introduced to the world of the entertainment industry.

Miranda Cosgrove Career, Biography

Early Career:

Cosgrove was first discovered as a toddler as an agent, and from that point forward she started giving auditions for acting projects. Prior to her breakthrough role on iCarly, she was already filming roles for television and film. 

Miranda got an opportunity to appear in a number of commercials for some renowned names such as Mello Yello and McDonald’s. She first started her career as a model which eventually turned into an acting field. 

She encouraged herself to become one of the prominent actresses in the American entertainment industry so Miranda continued to give auditions for television and film roles. 

Way back in 2001 Miranda made her first television appearance in an episode of the pilot of Smallville. In that project, she provided vocals for the character of young Lana Lang. 

Later in 2003, her performance in the (Jack Black) comedy film School of Rock earned him a lot of recognition and was praised by critics. On the other hand, the film became a commercial success earning over $131 million at the box office. 

Cosgrove also starred in the main role of Megan Parker in the popular Nickelodeon television series called Drake & Josh in 2004. For the next couple of years, Miranda continued to guest star in TV shows such as What’s New, Scooby-Doo?, Grounded for Life, and Lilo & Stitch: The Series.

Along with her acting performances, Miranda also worked as a voice actor in multiple animated Cartoon Network films such as the Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie in which she voiced the character of Munch 2005. 

From there, Miranda started getting significant roles in films including Yours, Mine & Ours (2005), and Keeping Up with the Steins (2006) however the projects did not become commercial successes. 

In 2009 Miranda got the role of Hannah Mills in the film The Wild Stallion and then continued to make her guest appearances on several Nickelodeon shows such as Zoey 101.


The biggest breakthrough moment of her career came in 2007 when Miranda signed on to the series Niklodean’s most popular show iCarlyIn total iCarly ran for a whopping 6 seasons and was nominated for 5 straight years at the Prime Time Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Children’s Program. 

Miranda appeared in almost every episode earning himself around $180 thousand per appearance on the show. In total, she made over $1 million during her teenage years that making her the second-highest-paid child actor on television ever eight behind Angus T Jones. 

With her main role as Carly Shay in the series earned her recognition all around the world and in 2008 the show was one of the most viewed Niklodean series between the ages of nine and fourteen. 

Music Career:

The hit series iCarly also led Miranda to diversify her career by pursuing her other passion which is music. She dropped her first single which was the theme song for iCarlyShe then came up as a contributor with the 4 tracks for the iCarly’s Soundtrack.

Outside of a few tractions recorded for iCarly, Miranda’s first son titled About You Now was released after she dropped a Christmas song in 2008. Both that tracks and a few of her others were turned into light hits.

But Miranda’s music career failed to reach the same level of success as her acting once did. For instance, the song About You Now peaked at number 47 on the Billboard Hot 100 while another track Kissin U found itself at the number 54 spot. 

In 2009 the American animated film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was released for which she contributed one single to the soundtrack. 

Then in 2010, her debut studio album Sparks Fly arrived at the number 8 spot on the Billboard 200. But her last single Dancing shockingly written by none other than Avril Lavigne herself barely cracked the Hot 100 in 2011 before falling off the charts completely. 

Legal Problems:

Making music will come to a screeching halt for her literally in 2011 after her horrendous traffic accident would almost cut short Miranda’s entire career altogether. While on her Dancing shockingly  tour to promote her album Spark Fly, her tour bus crashed in Illinois while on its way to Kansas.

That crash caused a whole bunch of injuries to people aboard including Miranda who hurt her foot as well as her mom. But it was the driver who suffered the worst of the impact and was airlifted to a local hospital where he had to receive more than 45 stitches. 

Two years later Miranda and her mother sued the bus driver and track the trailer driver as well as both transportation companies responsible for the vehicles, claiming that Miranda had lost as much as $2.5 in earnings as a result of what happened. 

After the accident placed Miranda was forced to cancel the rest of her tour which included up to 25 shows. Then her record label named Sony Music dropped her because of her inability to make money from performing. 

Because of her injuries, Cosgrove was also unable to fulfill a contract she had with Neutrogena worth around $400 thousand. This loss of income is no doubt compounded by the fact that iCarly came to an end in 2012.

It was revealed in 2014 that Miranda had filed a restraining charge against a compulsive fan named Joshua Stockton. That fan had been keeping a strong eye on Instagram posts in order to follow Miranda wherever she went. After Joshua learned that she is studying at USC, he tracked her down.  

Moreover, the fan Joshua also sent her plenty of gifts which she promptly gave him back unopened. Things got serious when Joshua sent pictures to Miranda of his self-mutilated arms, risking killing himself. The judge granted Miranda restraining order and ruled in her favor. 

Miranda Cosgrove Lifestyle, Earnings, Income

Further Projects:

After 6 years of continuous monumental paydays suddenly Miranda was looking toward a future with no incoming paycheck. But considering she was just 19 years old at the time, she knew exactly what to do next.

After iCarly came to an end, Miranda attended the University of Southern California where she majored in film in 2012 with all the hopes of one day writing and acting in her own material. By the end of her college career, Miranda switched her major from film to Physocology as she mentioned on Live with Kelly and Ryan back in 2017. 

At that time while continuing to pursue her education, Miranda mostly relegated herself to voiceover work. She started providing the voice of Margot in the Despicable Me film franchise which began in 2010 and featured sequels in 2013 and 2017.

The transition from child star to teen actress wasn’t exactly easy for Miranda the majority of her big projects outside of the Despicable Me film franchise have all flocked.

For example in 2013 she signed on to NBC pilot Girlfriend in a Coma a series that would have seen Christina Ricci waking up for a Coma after nearly two decades to find out that she has a 17 years old daughter.

The role was played by Miranda from a pregnancy she was unaware of when her life was put on hold. The series was based on a book by Canadian author Douglas Coupland but Ricci exited the project after a particularly disastrous table read and the series was never picked up. 

Then in 2015, Miranda found herself on NBC’s comedy sitcom Crowded which focused on two daughters one of whom was played by Miranda who moved back into her parent’s home to live with them. That series received poor reviews and terrible ratings which led to its cancelation after one season in 2017. 

Since 2019 the actress has been the host of the reality series known as Mission Unstoppable with Miranda Cosgrove for CBS which earned her a nomination for the Daytime Emmy Award in 2020. 

Miranda Cosgrove again came to the spotlight in 2021 after it was announced that Miranda would be reprising her role as Carly Shay on the iCarly. The show earned her further recognition for her outstanding performances and led her to become one of the most prominent actresses in the industry. 


Miranda Cosgrove has a net worth of $10 million, although she lost a lot of money during the time of her accident, she has still been able to buy expensive properties. 

Miranda was just 19 years old when she first bought a lavish house for about $2.65 million in 2012. This luxury mansion is located in one of the posh areas in Los Angeles and spans over 3,000 square feet of living space with numerous amenities. 

The estate was built way back in 1952 and after she bought the house in 2012, Miranda spent some money on its renovation which features a modern kitchen, a massive swimming pool, and a lot more. 

Earning Details:

  • At the peak of her career, Miranda Cosgrove’s per episode salary was around $180 thousand for her appearance on iCarly.
  • The actress has accumulated a vast chunk of money from her work on iCarly which helped her to make millions of dollars. 
  • After earning a salary of $180,000 Miranda emerged as the highest-earning child star in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth:

As of 2023, Miranda Cosgrove’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $10 million. She is one of the most popular celebrities in the Hollywood industry and has worked on numerous television and film projects throughout her successful career. 

The turning point of her career came when she was named to play role in the popular Niklodean’s hit series iCarly. Since then she appeared in several high-profile projects such as Unfabulous,  Just Jordan, Zoey 101, and many more. 

Her career started when she appeared in her first commercial at the age of just 3. Outside of acting, a hefty amount of her income comes from brand endorsements, commercials, and sponsorships.

She became the national ambassador of Light the Night Walk organization which works to make blood cancer awareness. Miranda Cosgrove also has a YouTube channel where she often uploads her music videos. 

People Also Ask FAQs

Example Site – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much is the worth of Miranda Cosgrove?

Miranda Cosgrove’s Net Worth is currently 10 million dollars.

How much money does Miranda Cosgrove make?

Miranda Cosgrove is making is more than $1 million in a year.

What is the age of Miranda Cosgrove?

Miranda Taylor Cosgrove was born on the 14th of May 1993 in Los Angeles, she is 29 years old.

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