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Lisa Kelly is a well-known American trucker and reality TV personality from Grand Rapids, Michigan, who has a net worth of $1 Million as of 2023. Lisa is best recognized as not only a trucker but also a state freestyle motocross champion.

She has gained popularity as a TV personality by starring in the popular History Channel’s reality television series called called “Ice Road Truckers”, as well as its spin-off series known as “Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads”. Kelly was the only women trucker until Maya Sieber and Stephanie “Steph” Custance entered the hit show.

The cast of Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly has had a love for trucks and driving and yet made a career that involves her passion. She amassed immense notoriety after she seized the chance to appear in Ice Road Truckers in 2009 while beginning her career as a Truck Driver. Kelly was fascinated by the wild experiences from a very early age, which led her to pursue her dream of ice-road trucking. 

Net Worth 2023:

Name Lisa Kelly
Net Worth $1 Million
Age 42 years old
Date Of Birth December 8, 1980
Annual Income $350,000
Profession Truck Driver,
TV Personality
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Early Life:

Lisa Kelly was born on the 8th of December 1980 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and was raised in Sterling, Alaska. Lisa spent her childhood in her hometown until she was 6 years old when the entire family relocated to a farm which is located in Sterling Alaska.

From there she graduated from high school after which she decided to return to her hometown Grand Rapids for education in college where she enrolled at Cornerstone University. However, Lisa was a student at the University for only a one-semester and then decided to give up her education and return to her family.


Afterward, she began working some odd jobs such as at a gas station, for a pizza company, as well as a school bus driver. Subsequently, Lisa became a motocross rider and she was so enthusiastic about the sport which soon led her to become a state freestyle motocross champion.

However, her engagement was soon drawn to trucking so she has chosen to try herself out in that job. As she became very successful Lisa caught the attention of a haulage company called Carlisle Transportation, which soon came out with a job offer to become one of the company’s truck drivers in the Alaskan wilderness. Her main source of revenue was established with the acceptance of the job.

In addition to her new job, Lisa also got an opportunity from the History channel to feature in their popular reality television series entitled “Ice Road Truckers”, as reputedly the only female who drives a truck, certainly in the far north.

In 2009 Lisa became a celebrity after making her debut appearance in the third season of the show and began starring in a couple of next seasons. That was the turning point of her career and that also increased her popularity all around the world. Lisa Kelly’s net worth was also massively increased after being cast on the Ice Road Truckers. 

That was the time when she drove a truck in India alongside and later in Peru and Bolivia along with appearing in reality shows such as Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads, Rick Yemm, Dave Redmon and Alex Debogorski. However, after all of these, when she got offered a contract to continue starring in the show for season 6, she refused and took a year off.

Later Lisa decide to return to the show in season seven and season nine and worked with Darrell Ward’s new company before he passed away in the following season. The final season 11 of the Ice Road Truckers was aired later in which Lisa made her appearance as well. 

Lisa Kelly Career, Biography, Lifestyle


Despite the show’s ending, Lisa is still hitting the roads of Alaska and Canada. She also joined social media where she regularly updates her life. In 2022 Lisa has a brand new start in her life as she purchased a brand new truck from Peterbilt and got a new job in her hand now.

She moved to Fairbanks and set up a new shop for herself which is more than a workplace. Besides driving now Lisa is a pro mechanic and has been teaching all her trucking experiences online. 

Personal Life:

In 2008, Lisa Kelly married Traves Kelly. Traves is a dirt bike rider and the couple’s current residence is in Wasilla, Alaska. In her spare time, she enjoys snowboarding and horseback riding and is sometimes active on her official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Lisa Kelly Net Worth:

As of 2023, Lisa Kelly Net Worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Lisa has been driving for more than a decade and she has accumulated a good sum of money for herself. It is very hard to earn a $1 million net worth for a truck driver. She also bagged a nice bank balance from her appearance on the show Ice Road Truckers.

Not to mention the trucker also earns handsome sums through sponsors and endorsements. Besides Lisa Kelly is also active on YouTube which means she makes some quick bucks from her channel. After all the inspiring, and extraordinary Lisa is living her life to the fullest. Lisa Kelly’s annual income is more than $100,000. 

People Also Ask FAQs

Example Site – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much is the worth of Lisa Kelly?

Lisa Kelly’s net worth is currently 1 million dollars.

How much money does Lisa Kelly make annually?

Lisa Kelly’s per year salary is over $100k.

How old is Lisa Kelly?

Lisa Kelly was born on the 8th of December 1980 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, she is 42 years old.

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