Florence Pugh Net Worth (Updated 2023) – Bio Overview

 Florence Pugh is an English actress from Oxfordshire who has a net worth of $8 million. She started her acting career with the 2014 mystery film “The Falling”.

Since then she starred in numerous projects and within a short period, Pugh has established herself as one of the prominent actresses in the entertainment industry. 

Florence rose to fame after she played the leading role of Katherine Lester in the 2016 independent film Lady Macbeth. Her outstanding performance led her to win several accolades and nominations. 

A couple of years back, you’d be ignored for not knowing the name Florence Pugh. However, in the short time, the actress has shown a striking range such as starring roles in three very different films in 2019.

The star is set to take over Hollywood with her impressive resume, also landing a role in the Marvel cinematic universe and her anticipated role in the Olivia Wilde-directed movie titled Don’t Worry Darling.

Florence has risen through the entertainment industry to get where she is all she reached the age of 27. Following her breakthrough in the film Lady Macbeth, she continued to appear in several big-budget projects alongside some high-profile actors. 

Florence further gained recognition in the industry for her popular roles in TV series including The Little Drummer Girl and King Lear. The actress earned international fame for her appearance on the 2019 projects Fighting with My Family, Little Women, and Midsommar, in which she played leading roles. 

Florence Pugh Net Worth 2023:

Name Florence Pugh
Net Worth $8 Million
Age 26 years old
Date Of Birth January 3, 1996
Annual Income $2.5 Million
Profession English Actor
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Early Life:

Florence Rose C. M. Pugh was born in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, on the 3rd of January, 1996, to mother Deborah and father Clinton Pugh. Her mother was a dancer and dance teacher while her dad was a Restaurateur.

She grew up the second youngest of four children in what she calls a wonderfully noisy and creative household full of performers. Her siblings are actor, and musician, Toby Sebastian an older brother who appeared on The Game Of Thrones. 

Her sister Arabella Gibbins is a theater actor, comedian, and vocal coach while she has a third younger sister Rafaela Pugh, an actress and influencer. Florence was raised in Oxford from where she and her family relocated to Santo Grande in Spain when she was 3, hoping that the warmer weather would improve her health. 

As a child, Florence suffered from tracheomalacia which led to frequent hospital stays. Tracheomalacia results in a partially collapsed trachea making breathing more difficult. Florence and her family lived in Spain until she was 6 years old and then they moved back to Oxford. 


Even as a child Florence knew how to captivate an audience. At 6 years old she played Mary in a school nativity play and spoke in a Yorkshire accent for the role. Her adopted Northern accent entertained the viewers and she even complained about varicose veins as her character. 

Florence attended a private school at Wychwood School as well as St Edward’s School, Oxford but disliked how the academies did not help her ambitions to be an actress.

Once she was 9 or 10 years old and working in the garden with her mother her mom decided to read her The Secret Garden. This book was relatable because it told the story of a sickly girl, a lonely house, and a magical garden. 

Early Career:

Florence’s respiratory illness kept her out of school for an extended period of time and at home, she would support her mother in the garden with chores. Despite The Secret Garden being nothing more than a story, Florence felt like her life might have some magic in it after that.

She felt as if she slipped through the book’s pages and any sense stuck with her. While that fairy tale feeling would come back time and time again over her rise to fame. 

As a teen, Florence sang and played guitar to cover tracks such as Oasis’ Wonderwall on YouTube under the name Flossie Rose. In these videos she appears in an early 2010s teen girl uniform, Florence had red hair, cat eye makeup, and beaded ring bracelets. 

Florence’s father who was once a restaurant worker turned owner and entrepreneur, told her to follow her creative pursuits and do what she wanted to do. Despite this, she still took her mother’s advice and finished school anyways.

Florence Pugh Career

Acting Career:

By this time she’d already scored her first film role in the English girls’ school drama called The Falling in 2014. Since then Florence never looked back. She was only 17 years old when Florence landed this role after participating in an open audition.

When the director of the film Carol Morely was casting for the falling, they looked at over 200 young ladies to play the two lead roles in supporting characters at the fictional girls’ school.

They began by restricting their search to London but later widened it to Oxford and posted calls for audition tapes around town and on school campuses. In the beginning, Florence ignored the posting taking the advice of her elder brother that they always cast someone famous in the end.

On the last date to submit an audition her mom intervened and told her she should make a tape. From that point forward Florence landed a lead role as Abbie Mortimer in the thriller about the mysterious epidemic that throws an all-girls school into chaos. 

Furthermore, Florence went on to praise her for her work in the film. She briefly relocated to Los Angeles when she was CST in a pilot for an American TV show in 2015 but it didn’t end up becoming a series.

Her negative experience with Ally at the time included the production group telling her to lose weight and she realized she didn’t really want the role that bad anyways. The casting director later cast Florence in two other films including Lady Macbeth in 2016 and then Fighting with My Family in 2019.

Lady Macbeth was a critically acclaimed period piece and Florence toured the film festival circuit with screenings across the globe. The film won Florence several nominations and awards including the 2017 British Independent Film Award for Best Actress. 

In 2018 Florence played the role of Cordelia in the 2018 adaptation of King Lear alongside legends like Anthony Hopkins. Later that year she snagged roles in the Netflix historical film Outlaw King with Chris Pine as well as a part in the miniseries The Little Drummer Girl.

In this miniseries, she played an actress who becomes involved in an espionage plot in the p1970s. For this role her performance received praise. 

In 2018 Florence also heard that Kings and Queens of Hollywood were getting together to make a movie that she had yet to be in an American-produced film. This movie was Greta Gerwig’s new remake of Little Women where Florence would end up working alongside Saoirse Ronan and Myrel Streep. 


The following year 2019 would prove to be the year for Florence. She starred in three very different films that all ended up being major roles. After which she was recognized for having an international breakthrough.

Florence played the role of a professional wrestler Paige in the cremation film Fighting with My Family. That film was a comedy-drama about Paige’s career which premiered to positive reviews at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. In this movie, she shared the screen with Dwayne Johnson, Vince Vaughn, and many more.

The role also allowed her to show off her comedy acting chops in a completely contrary performance to the one she would play in the horror flick Midsommar. The project was the second big film of the year which Florence would appear in a Neo-Pagan horror film directed by Ari Astor.

This disturbing film follows an American couple played by her and Jack Reynor who traveled to Sweden and unexpectedly encounter a cult. Critics praised Florence’s performance of the desolate character Dani Ardor in the film describing it as amazingly vivid. 

Filming the Midsommar actually conflicted with the third film Florence was set to star in Little Womenthe one which she caught word of a year prior.

She scored the role of the iconic Amy March in the movie, the youngest and historically most disliked of the four sisters in the story. In fact, they even delayed the shooting schedule of Little Women so that the Florence couple finish Midsommar.

Little Women went on to garner critical acclaim and grossed over $209 million. Furthermore, Florence’s work on Little Women nabbed her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

With those three major breakout roles in 2019 Florencequickly ascended from being virtually unknown in Hollywood to her current status as one of the biggest rising stars and acclaimed actresses of her generation. 

Florence continued to appear in more films and television series such as Yelena Belova a spy in the marvel cinematic universe superhero film Black Widow in 2021. 

The movie received positive reviews as did her distinctive performance. Florence would reprise the role in the Disney plus series Hawkeye later that year. 

Recent Work:

Florence is set to appear in the highly anticipated thriller Don’t Worry Darling alongside Harry Styles. This film marks Olivia Wild’s directorial debut. The movie is set in California in the 1950s and Florence would star as Alice Chambers. 

Florence will also start in The Wonder and adaptation of the novel by Emma Donoghue of the same name and voice a role in the DreamWorks animated movie Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. 

Moreover, she is also gonna produce and appear in the movie titled A Good Person and will appear in the sci-fy film Dolly and a movie adaptation of the novel The Maid. 


Florence Pugh and actor, and filmmaker, Zach Braff started dating in the year 2019. Zach also directed Florence in his short movie In The Time It Takes To Get There released in 2019.

From there the couple started their relationship and even moved to a Los Angeles mansion. But in August of 2022 Florence and Zach reportedly broke up. 

Florence Pugh Real Estate, Earnings

Real Estate:

Florence Pugh owns a beautiful house located in the posh areas of Los Angeles, California. This mansion features 5 bedrooms, three bedrooms, and a powder room. The house has breathtaking views of the hills and ocean, a swimming pool in the garden, and a cozy home theater is also included in the home. 

Prior to this, Florence lived in a three-bedroom and two-bathroom condo in Califonia. 

Car Collection:

  • Classic 1962 Chevrolet Corvette                           $15,000
  • Audi R8 V10                                                                   $150,000
  • Vintage Convertible    

Florence Pugh Net Worth:

As of 2023, Florence Pugh Net Worth is estimated to be around $8 Million. She is the definition of an up-and-comer and might be a Hollywood newcomer but chances are she had more career and financial success than anyone we know. 

Florence was included on Forbes Magazines’ annual “30 Under 30 List” in 2019 and Times Next 100 in 2021. Her acting profession remains the main source of her income but the actress also garners big from endorsements.

Florence has an impressive list of credits and an impressive band account to match. She already has more money than most people make their entire lives. Florence Pugh has a net worth of $8 million which allowed her to spend millions on her expensive lifestyle.

Her acting profession has contributed to her entire net worth, she makes an estimated $2.5 million a year. Not to mention, Florence earns around $500 thousand from brand endorsements and partnerships annually. 

Florence is only getting started and it seems in the coming years she will be on the list of highest-paid celebrities in Hollywood. She has starred in independent films and blockbusters showcasing her talent and playing complex, unique roles in a range of comedy to horror. 

People Also Ask FAQs

Example Site – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much is the worth of Florence Pugh?

Florence Pugh’s Net Worth is currently 8 million dollars.

How much money does Florence Pugh make?

Florence Pugh is making more than $2.5 million annually.

What is the age of Florence Pugh?

Florence Rose C. M. Pugh was born in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, on the 3rd of January, 1996, she is 27 years old.

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