The boyfriend of my best friend is cheating on her. How do I tell her?

Your best friends stay with you through all the thick n thins and now you want nothing but the ultimate best for her. You were happy that she finally found the love of her life (as she claims) but then you found out that her love of life is also the love of life of various other girls. Wondering what to do now?

Should you go to her and spit out this harsh reality on her face, straightforwardly? What if she won’t believe you? What if she’d begin to think that you are being jealous? What if she’d end things with you instead of leaving her infidel boyfriend?

Even if she’d believe you, how would you handle her break-up traumas? How would you help her heal from this infidelity? Is there any way in which you can make these absurd sentences sound a bit bearable? Well, our experts say yes! The way you tell your best friend that her boyfriend is cheating on her makes a huge difference since it could either strengthen or ruin the bond you two share.

So today, we’re going to pen down the best way to make your best friend see the absurd reality of her cheating boyfriend. Don’t just stand there and read the article to save your bestie from pouring all of her love and time into an unworthy relationship.

The boyfriend of my best friend is cheating on her. How do I tell her?

Gather proofs

Hey, your best friend is madly in love with that stud which means she’s not going to believe that the guy is cheating on her. His sweet talks and compliment shower has already fogged her heart and vision through which she can’t see reality.

In this situation, if you’d go to her, saying that the guy is double dating, she’s not gonna believe you unless you have sufficient evidence to prove your statement. It might sound strange but it won’t matter to her how long you have been a friend of hers. Since she loves that guy, her heart holds the most dominant and strongest feeling for him.

It might hurt but you are at number 2 on her priority list nowadays, so instead of over-relying on your friendship, you better gather some proof. Take a picture of her boyfriend with the other girl or get that girl to break the news to your friend. Doing so won’t only help her trust what you are saying but also keep her from second thoughts.

But what if you don’t have any proof?


In this case, ask your friend whether she ever suspected that her boyfriend might be cheating on her. Ask for the signs usually cheaters show. For example, has she ever seen her boyfriend standing too close to a girl? Has he ever gone the extra mile to help another girl, behind her back? Does he have friends she doesn’t know about?

Does he get panicked when his phone rings around her? Has he ever shared his mobile password with her? Throw all these pieces on your friend and she’ll pick one, and connect them to solve the puzzle. Once she’d put all the pieces together, break the news by telling her what you know about his boyfriend’s infidelity.

Stay gentle and direct

Some people have the habit of saying absurd statements at such times like, hey I told you he’s trouble! I didn’t like him from the very first day! Look, this is the guy you preferred over me! Ooh, how easily he just made you a fool?

Never say such things because doing so is not going to help your friend by any means. Know that she is already suffering from a terrible heartbreak and these types of words will nudge her wounds more brutally. So, you better stay gentle.

Also, make sure you break the news to her only when she’s alone with you – better at your or her house. In a public place, she won’t be able to react properly and might feel super embarrassed. So, invite her to your house or go to hers and reveal this shocking news to her.

Don’t make the situation more stressful by beating about the bush. Keep your sentences short and direct. And most importantly, never verbally abuse her boyfriend at that moment as it would be too much for her to handle. After that, give her some time to react, cry, get angry, or do whatever she likes to do to feel better.

Break the news Anonymously

If you are not sure about how your friend is going to take this news or if you don’t want to take any risk on your friendship, break the news of her boyfriend’s cheating anonymously. You can either send an anonymous message to her number, stating when and what you saw. You better capture a photograph as your evidence and send it along with the message, anonymously.

Or, you can drop a note somewhere like in her locker, in her car, or her room via the window.

Focus on your Tone

From the very first day, you knew that her boyfriend was in trouble. You even tried to convince your friend not to fall for that jerk but she didn’t listen. Now since you’re pretty sure that you were right about that guy, you might sound too arrogant or excited while breaking the news to your friend.

But remember, your tone might make your friend feel ashamed. Or worse, she might begin to think that you are happy about what has happened to her. Thus, to prevent these misunderstandings, you better pay special attention to your tone. Start by telling her that this news is not only shocking to you but also heartbreaking.

At the end of the day, if you’d be gentle, direct, humble, and fully equipped with evidence, your friend won’t only handle this tragedy more easily but also appreciate you for your sincerity.

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