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Bob Menery Net Worth: Bob Menery is an American social media personality, podcaster, comedian, YouTuber, and blogger from Boston, Massachusetts, who has a net worth of $5 million.

He is one of the top content creators in the country and has gained popularity for his unique style of hosting various podcasts. He started his career by launching his self-titled YouTube channel where Menery uploads his amazing content of pranks and roasting videos. 

 Now, four years after a viral video changed his life forever, Bob has become the host of one of the world’s highest-rated podcasts. But in a strange twist of fate that’s something, he’s going to have to achieve all over again with the recent news that he’s been dropped from his former collective at the Nelk Boys.

Bob Menery Net Worth 2023:

Name Bob Menery
Net Worth $5 Million
Age 35 years old
Date Of Birth June 10, 1987
Annual Income $300 thousand
Profession American Podcaster
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Gemini

Early Life:

Bob Menery was born on the 10th of June 1987 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He is the youngest of three children including his sister Heather Menery and a brother named Mark. 

The family eventually relocated to North Andover when Bob was just a young kid. For the next nine years, he attended ST Michael’s Catholic School where he would occasionally ever run-in with one of the nuns who taught him. 

While studying in school he developed an interest in sports and started taking part in games as well as developed a deep passion for a local new England sports franchise.

Early Career:

It was around this time in his life that Bob first began turning down the volume to his television set, during games and practicing sportscasting calls with his closest friends. Following his passion for arts, Bob decided to enroll at the New York film academy after high school with aspirations to become an actor, but that didn’t work for him.

So Bob returned home and regroup and didn’t give up his dreams. He then decided to move to Los Angeles with a slightly refined game plan. At that time he was ready to pursue his other passions including comedy.

He also had another skill set to fall back on, he was a scratch golfer who knew his way around 18 holes. Bob then applied to Wilshire County Club which is a luxurious Golf club. He wound up getting the gig and Caddying for the famous clientele that frequented the club, this allowed Bob to build up a massive network. 

Bob also got an opportunity to attend celeb events and that helped him to start developing comedic routines and networking as often as he could.

So things were slowly moving in the right direction but then everything fell apart once again. Having been living in a small apartment with another friend, Bob suddenly found himself homeless when his roommate decided to move to Texas. As a result, Bob started living in his car. 


The turning point of his career came when Bob’s friend Constantino a YouTube musician, wound up calling him in need of an extra for a video shooting. Following the shoot, there was an after-party and that’s when Bob found himself sitting next to David Justin.

While sitting next to David, Bob began his Sunday night football story, David pulled out his phone and recorded it and within days the went viral all over the internet. 

Things started happening really quickly after this. Bob sold this clip to Story Full for about $500 and the video spread all over social media.

Shortly after many celebrities and athletes started following Bob on social media. So he began reaching out to them to see how far he could push some of those relationships.

One of those people was NFL all-pro Richard Sherman who hooked Bob up with his first manager which in turn hooked Bob up with his Buffalo Wild Wings Comercial. Bob was able to foster a relationship with YouTube sensation then Nelk Boys and officially become a part of the group. 

Working with them Bob launched the podcast known as Full Send which only in the first few weeks booked guests like Dana White, Tory Lanez, as well as Shaquille O’Neal.

Bob also managed to stag the former president of the United States Donald Trump. However, that video was deleted within 24 hours of its upload. 

From that point forward, things went bad to worse for Bob as he was later removed from the Nelk Boys Collective. 

Bob Menery Net Worth:

As of 2023, Bob Menery Net Worth is estimated to be around $5 million. He is one of the rising podcasters on the internet and had a very difficult period in his life.

The majority of his income comes from social media such as his YouTube channel, brand endorsements, as well as his own merch life. 

Through his clothing line, Bob sells hoodies, t-shirts, and several other accessories. He also charges a pretty good amount of money from performing several standup acts. Bob Menery’s annual income is over $300 thousand. 

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