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Bizzy Banks is an American rapper and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York with a net worth of $500,000. His real name is Majesty Moses he later adopted the stage name of Bizzy Banks. 

The rapper first came to popularity in 2019 with the release of his hit song Don’t Start. The song quickly went viral and earned him a lot of popularity. Following that success Banks dropped his debut mixtape GMTO (Get Money Take Over), Vol. 1 in the year 2020. 

Brooklyn drill rapper Bizzy Banks found the inspiration for his music career while growing up with an older brother who used to love to freestyle around their family residence. Bank’s music finds comfort in survival and perseverance.

Pain has been a way of life for him and the Brooklyn drill sound is how he chooses to share his stories. But after rising to the top of the music world, Bizzy Banks recently hit a major roadblock and found himself in jail facing some very serious accusations. 

Bizzy Banks Net Worth 2023:

Name Bizzy Banks
Net Worth $500,000
Age 23 years old
Date Of Birth October 24, 1998
Annual Income $100,000
Profession Rapper
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Early Life:

Bizzy Banks was raised under the cooler name of Majesty Moses. He was born on October 24, 1998, in Brooklyn, New York. He and his family then moved around a number of Brooklyn and Queens area neighborhoods before eventually settling in East New York. 

By the time Banks went to elementary school, he found his family ripped apart, his Trinidadian father was deported back to his native country and his older brother was sent to prison. This left Banks as the defacto man of the house with two sisters and a mother. 

Bizzy Banks never ate meat as a child and every Saturday from 6 in the morning until nightfall he had the fast while spending the majority of his time in prayer. Due to how busy his mother was on a regular basis, Banks oftentimes stayed at his grandmother’s home. 

While living with his grandmother, Bizzy found himself wrapped up in more troubling behavior than ever. The one constant in life that he always kept coming back to was music. Around the house, his mother often listened to reggae while his older brother was far more interested in artists like Lil Wayne. 

In fact, it was listening to his older brother’s Lil Wayne mixtapes that inspired Banks to begin freestyling at launch with his friends. Around that time he was attending G Gershwin Junior High School. From there he teamed up with his classmates and began rapping in the local battle rap. 

Soon enough drill music became the soundtrack to their lives, from the dancing few singles of Bobby Sharmuda to the battle rapper approach of Bambino, as well as some more recent artists like Sheff G. That time he never really took the idea of becoming a rapper all that seriously. Not until after he graduated high school and was on his way to college. 

Music Career:

To kick off his rap career he needed a strong moniker so instead of using his amazing name. He decided to go with the childhood nickname of Bizzy and combined that with the last name of battle rap legend, Lloyd Banks

Soon afterward he’d unleash a series of popular singles like Dead Presidents, and his breakthrough track Don’t Start in 2019. That song earned him widespread national attention. After racking up millions of millions of streams on the digital platforms and YouTube, Bizzy would be offered a label deal with popular record Atlantic in March of 2020.

From there he’d go to produce his debut mixtape titled GMTO (Get Money Take Over), Vol. 1. The mixtape contains chock full of songs that showcased Bizzy’s unique sense of storytelling including Top 5, Quarantine freestyle, and Extra Study. 

Shortly after there Bizzy went to the music studio and began recording the follow-up project Same Energy which was released about eight months later in July of 2021. Further cementing him as the singular Brooklyn drill artist to measure everyone else against. 

With that type of success, Bizzy was more than aware of the general consensus that people have towards drill music. As the genre has become more than more prominent in New York City, local authorities have been very open about their belief that it perpetuates violence. 

After establishing himself in 2019 and then blowing up in 2020, by May of 2021 Bizzy had earned himself enough money to move his family up out of New York and over to a Suburb in New Jersey. He made the move because the rapper knew for as long as he continued to live in the big apple he’d always have a target painted on his back one way or another. 

Legal Issues:

In January of 2022, Bizzy Banks was taken into police custody after a swat team descended on his Hackensack New Jersey home. After the raid was complete officers say that they found more than 2 pounds of marijuana, $2,700 cash, as well as a revolver that was loaded with hollow point bullets. 

Following those discoveries, Bizzy was booked in a Bergan county jail where he was hit with multiple charges including unlawful possession of a weapon, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia, as well as money laundering. 

In June of 2022, there was some hope that he was going to be released from Bergan but as it turns out he wasn’t released. Instead, he was transferred to Rikers Island while also having yet another charge added to his list, which is attempted murder. 

In August of 2022, Banks finally found himself a free man after spending nearly 8 months behind bars. He certainly had his priorities in order upon coming out of jail and knowing what he want to do first. 

Bizzy Banks Net Worth:

As of 2022, Bizzy Banks Net Worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Apart from gaining a lot of fan base all around the world, the rapper has managed to accumulate a pretty good sum of money from his music career. The main source of his income comes from the music industry such as live concerts, mixtapes, hit singles, as well as collaborations. 

Bizzy has released a number of songs including Bandemic, Adore You, City Hot, and Red Carpet. But the biggest breakthrough moment of his career came when he dropped the single Don’t Start in the year 2019.

Since then Bizzy Banks became an internet sensation and his net worth is growing regularly. Bizzy has more than 100k subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel so he is making a vast chunk from there. His annual income is over $100 thousand. 

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