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Armani White is an American rapper, musician, and songwriter, from Philadelphia with a net worth of $750,000. He is one of the up-and-coming acts in the rap industry and garnered a lot of fan base in a short period. 

Armani White broke into the hip-hop scene a number of years ago around the year 2015. That’s when he uploaded his single titled “Stick Up”. Soon after, emails began pouring in from people all over the music industry. It seemed like Armani’s ascent was all but guaranteed.

But then, tragedy struck when he found that his dad was dying from cancer. Even with a complicated relationship thanks to a tumultuous youth, Armani was overwhelmed. He became disillusioned with the industry and had to battle back against a serious case of writer’s block to re-ignite his career.

Armani recently gained worldwide recognition with the release of his breakthrough single Billie Eilish which went viral all over social media. 

Armani White Net Worth 2023:

Name Armani White
Net Worth $750,000
Age 26
Date Of Birth 1996
Annual Income $150,000
Profession Rapper
Gender Male

Early Life:

Armani White was born in West Philadelphia, around 1996. He was raised as an inner city kid and grew up around a lot of hardships which helped him to learn that difficult times don’t necessarily produce an unhappy child. The defining moment of his life was listening to his parents argue with one another when he was just 4 years old. 

As he grew older he was raised by his mother but he started to take after his father more and more. A number of Armani’s friends got arrested and shipped off to one of two detention centers in Lima and Glen Mills. So the rapper began to gravitate towards music picking up influences from a variety of places. 

It started in church as a kid and a transition to rap through early Eminem and Kanye West. Then projects like 8o8s and Heartbreak, Graduation, taught Armani how to make music.

Shortly thereafter he started listening to artists like B.O.B or specifically the album B.o.B VS Bobby Ray. As he grew older he continued to explore other artists like James Brown, Eminem, and Janelle Monáe, as rap music became a kind of therapy for him.

Growing up he and his siblings got into a fight out on the streets to establish themselves as people. It was far from an easy childhood but it helped Armani to gain confidence in himself something that would eventually channel into writing his first rap lyrics. 

Music Career:

Armani released his first single “Stick Up” which immediately land him on the hip hop map. In the year 2015, he uploaded his song on SoundCloud and wound up earning enough traction that Pharrell featured the track on his beats one radio show. It also wound up earning Armani his eventual manager and from there, things took off. 

Armani began opening up for major artists like Big Sean and PartyNextDoor on his college campus. At this point, he was convinced that his dream was about to come true until it all came crashing down. 

He had an off-again relationship with his father throughout the years, Armani went to visit his dad for the first time in five months in March of 2016.

When he arrived at his front door he was shocked to discover that his dad was wasting away in front of him He’d been diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer and he had started chemotherapy since the last time Armani had seen him. 

Not much like earlier in his life once Armani left his father’s place, he went right to a friend’s house and lost himself in music. Working on the single Rewind and then performed it at Made In America 2018 in his own hometown. However, he was feeling so distressed and burnt out that he simply had to step back from making singles. 


Armani continued to go to the studio but rather than work, he wound up watching episodes of Dragon Ball instead. Then his father passed away. From there Armani stopped even going to the studio and flew out to LA. He stayed out in California until 2017 to pick up the pieces of his life and start wealth putting them back together. 

Eventually, Armani returned to music and embarked on a tour along with his friend Louis Fulton. After the tour was over his friend headed Armani over the keys to his crib in LA, let him crash, and record there for however long he needed. 

In June of 2020 Armani White’s apartment in Philadelphia caught fire, having already suffered through one tragic fire that claimed so many of his family’s lives, this was yet another difficult time for him.

This time he and his brother were wrongfully arrested and charged with arson. This battle lasted for an entire year before all charges were eventually dropped in June of 2021. 

Back To Music

Armani recorded his first EP titled Keep In Touch completing it in 2018 before heading out to tour for 11 months with rappers like Vince Staples, Nas, and James Blake. When he returned home he dropped his extended play in November of 2019. The EP features songs like Fortnights, Tomorrow, and Public School.

Afterward, Armani crafted a five-song EP titled Things We Lost In The Fire which ended up healing him. When he was finished he was ready to return to some more lighthearted music.

The biggest breakthrough moment of his career came when he released the song titled BILLIE EILISH. After the release of the song Armani White is blowing up like never before and the rapper grabbed the attention of some big names in the music world. 

Armani White Net Worth:

As of 2022, Armani White’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $750,000. He is one of the rising artists in the music industry. Since the release of his hit single BILLIE EILISH, it seems in the upcoming years he will be on the list of top rappers.

The majority of his income comes from his music such as collaborations with other artists, live shows, as well as tours. Following the success, he caught the attention of Def Jam Recordings with whom Armani signed a deal.

His hit single BILLIE EILISH earned over 50 million streams on Spotify and 10 million views on YouTube within a couple of months. According to some reports, Armani earned more than $150 thousand just from his hit single Billie Eilish streams. 

People Also Ask FAQs

Example Site – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much is the worth of Armani White?

Armani White’s Net Worth is 750 thousand dollars.

How much money does Armani White make?

Armani White is making more than $150 thousand annually.

What is the age of Armani White?

Armani White was born in West Philadelphia, around 1996, he is 26 years old.

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